Why Become
AppDynamics Certified?

Becoming AppDynamics certified allows you to differentiate yourself and your company in an increasingly competitive market. You’ll instantly gain recognition and credibility within the APM space and the greater IT industry.

Get Recognized

Get Recognized

Give yourself a competitive advantage over your peers in the IT and APM space by becoming an expert in your field.

Grow Your Career

Grow Your Career

Create opportunities for career advancement and professional growth by branding yourself as an AppDynamics Certified expert.

Boost Your Productivity

Boost Your Productivity

Take on more responsibility with heightened knowledge to become an invaluable resource to your team.

How to Get Certified


Start Learning

Our tracks provide the foundation for the real-world experience that you will need in order to undertake an exam.


Take Your Exam

Register to take your exam online.


Stay Up to Date

Renew your certification every two years to keep your skills relevant in the rapidly evolving APM space.

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Associate Performance Analyst

Become certified with the skills required to monitor applications and analyze performance issues using AppDynamics core Application Performance Management, Application Analytics, and End User Monitoring technologies.


Become certified with the skills required to configure, manage, and optimize AppDynamics technologies, including core AppDynamics Performance Monitoring, Business iQ, and End User Monitoring.

Professional Implementer

Become certified with the skills required to deploy AppDynamics Controllers on-premises, Agents, EUM Servers and Analytics Servers, as well as use AppDynamics APIs to extend and customize the AppDynamics App iQ Platform.