AppDynamics Certified Associate Administrator

Whether you are an administrator, architect, a consultant, or an engineer who works with AppDynamics technologies, you have the opportunity to set yourself apart from the pack by becoming an AppDynamics Certified Associate Administrator.


Become an AppDynamics Certified Associate Administrator by passing an exam that demonstrates you have the knowledge and skills required to configure, manage, and optimize AppDynamics technologies, including core Application Performance Monitoring (APM), Business iQ, and End User Monitoring (EUM), both in the cloud and on-premises.

Exam Registration

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Earning your AppDynamics Technical Certification Badge

We’ve got some exciting news! The AppDynamics University Team is proud to announce the launch of the official collection of certification badges. Validate and promote your knowledge and experience with our industry-recognized accreditations.

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Who is this certification for?

You have experience managing AppDynamics technologies in the cloud or on-premises.

Getting Started

Recommended Learning


To be successful on the exam, you should be able to...

How to Get Started

  1. Review the preparation guide for the AppDynamics Certified Associate Administrator exam.

  2. Complete the courses outlined in the Administrator Learning Plan, or equivalent (while completing this track is not required, it is highly recommended). Taking AppDynamics training is a great way to learn about the topics assessed on the exam. If you have many years of experience with our technologies, our training provides the level of refresher necessary to bring you up to date with new product features and functionalities.

    Please note: Completing these courses will not provide the 200-500 hours of practical experience that may be required in order to pass this exam.

  3. Assent to the Certification Candidate Agreement presented at the beginning of the AppDynamics Certified Associate Administrator exam.

  4. Take and pass the AppDynamics Certified Associate Administrator exam.