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Instructor-led Course

App Agent Installation and Administration - IMP862

The Application Agent Installation and Administration course teaches you the architecture of agents, and how to install and troubleshoot the installation of Java, .NET, NodeJS and Machine agents. Offered either as a single full day, or two half days of instruction - see Course Options below.

  • 7 Hours

What You Will Learn

You’ll start by establishing a foundational understanding of application agents. Then you’ll go into detail on each of the following agent types: Machine Agent, Java Agent, .NET agent, and NodeJS agent. You’ll learn agent architecture, installation, security, tuning, and using log files to troubleshoot agent installation issues.

Course Options

Unlimited access to Instructor-led and Premium self-paced courses are available with a Premium subscription.

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Who is this course for?

This course is designed for IT professionals who deploy AppDynamics application agents. It is meant for Architects, Administrators, Consultants, and Engineers who need to install, upgrade, and troubleshoot installation of the AppDynamics application agents.