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Self-paced Course

AppDynamics Essentials - APM200

 This course is prerequisite for the rest of your learning with AppDynamics. It provides a solid foundation to ensure you are familiar with the basic features and organization of the AppDynamics platform. As the title implies, this is Essential learning.

  • 1.3 Hours
  • 5 Topics

What You Will Learn

In the Essentials course you will learn the fundamental concepts that power AppDynamics. You will use flow maps to evaluate the health of your application and identify business transactions. You will also learn to troubleshoot workflows using Snapshots in the AppDynamics Controller.

Course Options

Unlimited access to Instructor-led and Premium self-paced courses are available with a Premium subscription.

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Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who will be deploying, configuring, installing, or administering AppDynamics. It provides the foundation of knowledge about AppDynamics that will be necessary to continue with additional training courses on any track.



  • AppDynamics Overview10 Minutes
  • Application-Tier-Node20 Minutes
  • Business Transactions8 Minutes
  • Transaction Snapshots30 Minutes
  • Metrics and the Metric Browser10 Minutes