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Self-paced Course

Business iQ Data Collection - ALY305

 This course prepares you to customize the collection of additional data for Analytics for each of the analytics event data sources: transactions, logs, mobile, browser, IoT, as well as from custom data sources.

  • 1.3 Hours
  • 5 Topics

What You Will Learn

You’ll learn how the AppDynamics Application Analytics architecture and the configuration options support the collection of custom business data, to help you meet your Business iQ goals.

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Who is this course for?

This course is appropriate for learners who have a basic understanding of AppDynamics APM and the benefits of Business iQ.



  • Data Collection Essentials10 Minutes
  • Transaction Analytics Data Collection22 Minutes
  • Log Analytics Data Collection27 Minutes
  • Business Transaction and Log Correlation9 Minutes
  • EUM and Analytics Event API Data Collection16 Minutes