• Instructor-led Course

Instructor-led Course

Core APM II: Advanced - APM220

This series of courses takes you beyond basic monitoring and troubleshooting. It guides you through planning and mapping AppDynamics to your application, and walks you through strategies and techniques to configure AppDynamics to monitor what is most important to your business.

  • 14 Hours

What You Will Learn

You’ll learn the significance of prioritizing and managing Business Transactions and practice some specific techniques for discovering and defining your most important Business Transactions. You will learn to use various tools to find, resolve, and communicate issues in your application before they impact your customers or your business, as well as lots of powerful features in AppDynamics that will further enable you to monitor and maximize your application’s performance.

Course Options

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Who is this course for?

This course is for individuals or teams who need a deep understanding of how to configure AppDynamics to monitor and respond strategically in order to balance their deep dives with the big picture and their company goals. This course provides critical skills and knowledge for our Performance Analyst, Developer, and Administrator certification tracks.