• Instructor-led Course

Instructor-led Course

On Premises Administration II – APM411

Learn to administer your Controller, tackle real-world application issues, and learn to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot set-up of the AppDynamics platform.

  • 3 Hours

What You Will Learn

In this course you will learn about working with the Glassfish AppServer that hosts the AppDynamics Controller, from administration of the Controller log files to Glassfish’s own logging settings and how to reset the Glassfish root password. You will learn how the Controller license is applied and what to do when a new license needs to be administered. The course will explore how to use the Controller’s Administration interface, from controlling Accounts to managing the global-level configuration settings. It will also outline how to export and import these settings via the REST interface. Finally, the course will outline the principles of using AppDynamics to monitor your AppDynamics deployment, looking at what specific performance metrics should be tracked.

Course Options

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Who is this course for?

The course is designed for On Premises Administrators who want to understand how to oversee, maintain, manage, and customize their AppDynamics infrastructure. Every enterprise that depends on application performance needs an AppDynamics champion in-house, and there is no quicker route to becoming one than through our Administrator courses.