Private Training for Your Team

AppDynamics private training allows you to select from our course catalogue, and choose from onsite or online to maximize the value for your team.

Fast Enablement

Fast Enablement

Private training is available at a daily rate and allows you to schedule multi-day, in-depth training for classes of up to 12 students. Real-world examples complement labs, demos and lectures to give a 360 degree view into monitoring and troubleshooting your critical systems.

Private and Confidential

Private and Confidential

Our team of top tier, industry expert instructors are able to focus exclusively on your organization’s unique needs and problems in secure and open discussions.

Flexible and Customizable

Flexible and Customizable

Private courses offer the most flexibility and allow you to choose onsite training, or virtual training which you can record for unlimited playback.

How to Request Private Training


Purchase Training Units

Each day of private training requires the redemption of 1 Instructor Day, or 14 Training Units. You can contact us if you need to purchase Instructor Days.


Decide on the Courses

Look at our Course Catalog and decide which ones are most important for your team.


Submit a Request

Fill out a request and let us know the preferred dates, duration, location and course type (virtual or on-site).