AppDynamics University Subscription

AppDynamics University subscriptions provide a flexible way for customers to gain expertise on AppDynamics and stay up to date on our latest technology.

Standard University Subscription

  • Access for 20 unique users each month
  • Access to standard e-learning library
Included with your AppDynamics License

Premium University Subscription

  • Access for 1 unique user
  • Access to premium e-learning library
  • Access to public Instructor-Led Courses
  • 32 hours of access to training labs each month
  • 2 Certification exam attempts
  • Access to Office Hours hosted by AppDynamics Instructors

Enterprise University Subscription

  • Access to premium e-learning library for an unlimited number of users
  • Premium University subscription for 50 unique users

Frequently asked questions

Is private training included in any University subscriptions?

AppDynamics University subscriptions offer customers accessibility to learn AppDynamics at their own pace based on their own learning styles. Private training sessions are not included in University subscriptions. If you're interested in learning more about our private training program, please click here.

What is the difference between standard and premium e-learning libraries?

Our standard e-learning library includes self-paced courses relevant to anyone using AppDynamics and should meet the needs of users who are consuming data from AppDynamics, but don't need to do any configuration. For Performance Analysts and Administrators, who need to configure and do troubleshooting, the premium e-learning library includes courses that provide the depth of instruction you will need. The premium e-learning library also offers hands-on labs so you can practice on a live controller without impacting your production environment.

What are certification exams?

AppDynamics offers a Certification Program that allows individuals to validate their skills and experience, and differentiate themselves and your company in an increasingly competitive market. By passing a certification exam, a candidate is creating opportunities for career advancement and professional growth by branding themselves as an AppDynamics Certified expert. It is recommended that candidates complete courses offered via our University subscriptions, as well as gain hands-on experience with AppDynamics, before registering for an exam. Please click here for more information about the AppDynamics Certification Program.