AppDynamics University Subscriptions

University subscriptions provide on-demand access to our extensive library of learning content. All AppDynamics customers have access to our Standard University subscription.
Standard e-learning library
Premium e-learning library
Public instructor-led courses
Private instructor-led courses
32 hours of training labs per month per user
Certification exam attempts2 per subscription24 per subscription
Number of usersUnlimited users/month1 user per subscription12 users per subscription
PriceIncluded with your AppDynamics license

Frequently asked questions

How do I know which subscription tier is right for my organization?

AppDynamics customers can take advantage of unlimited access to our standard e-learning library included in Standard University, which meets the needs of users who are primarily consuming data from AppDynamics.

Enable your organization’s power users with Premium University Subscription, a year-round solution to help you maximize your investment with AppDynamics through flexible learning options and opportunities to get recognized with certification exam attempts. Brush up your skills on your own time with self-paced labs and full access to our premium e-learning library or attend public virtual instructor-led courses on our global schedule.

Support core teams with the Multi-User Education Subscription, providing all the benefits of Premium University and private delivery of each of our instructor-led courses once per year for each of the named users.

What is the difference between standard and premium e-learning libraries?

The standard e-learning library includes foundational self-paced courses relevant to anyone using AppDynamics, mainly users who consume data from AppDynamics but don't need to do any configuration.

The premium e-learning library includes additional courses that provide the depth of instruction necessary for Performance Analysts and Administrators to configure and troubleshoot a wide range of scenarios using AppDynamics.

Is private training included in any University subscriptions?

Of the subscription tiers, private training is only included in the Multi-User Education Subscription, offering private delivery (virtual or onsite) of each class in our instructor-led catalog no more than once a year for the named users on the voucher. Onsite private instruction is delivered at no additional cost and related travel and expenses costs are included in the price.

Separately, we also provide the option of scheduling private instructor days to help your organization kick-start a new project or enable new teams quickly. If you're interested in learning more about our private training program, please click here.

What are certification exams?

AppDynamics offers a Certification Program that allows individuals to validate their skills and experience, and differentiate themselves and your company in an increasingly competitive market. By passing a certification exam, a candidate is creating opportunities for career advancement and professional growth by branding themselves as an AppDynamics Certified expert. It is recommended that candidates complete courses offered via our University subscriptions, as well as gain hands-on experience with AppDynamics, before registering for an exam. Please click here for more information about the AppDynamics Certification Program.